Business Consulting Funding

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Website Reviews

Today, well yesterday I had a thought. Well, an idea of a website that deserves to be born. A website about business reviews where you can just sign up and start writing your own online reviews. All reviews will be posted by you. Store or any business out there that does you wrong. There are many stores and business that I think should change and be better. I will create a website, matter of fact I will register the name today. I have the name already but don’t want to share it before I register it.

Once you register a domain name then no one else can register it. I guess is first come first served. It is a unique nice name that you will get to visit. You will need to register it and start your online biz review. I think there are thousands of website’s out there for biz or product review but are kind of difficult to use. Also the website or pages or the review is hard to get on top of the search engine pages.

My website reviews will go to the top pages of all search engines. I will work hard for all the pages to get up there and be found and viewed. I know Google is the best for all reviews but I think I need my own place for this. This way it will stay up there for life. It will be a good great website. Where only you get to delete the reviews, no reviews will get ever touched only by you. All reviews will be left by all the consumers, we need a place to express our experiences and or good or bad transactions with all retailers.

Share your Ideas, Thoughts Online

I have been thinking about this for a long time and is time to start it. The website will take time to create and be fully ready, in the meantime you will be able to start your writing and will be SEO optimized so you can share to the world. I am really ticked off how some services and online or off-lime stores are doing what they want and we are not able to share our experiences. This is not good because people need to know hidden bad things that we go through our products and services.

I am really excited that we will have a place to write and show to the world how a biz review should be. It will be a free place for life so we can share our feelings and our thoughts or ideas. A place that matters and will be written by actual people. I will surely update this page with the website link so you can use it yourself.

I know there are lots of review websites out there that makes lots of money with their advertising and reviews online. Business places create their profile so people can leave reviews and also find them online. The website owners makes lots of money with this websites, believe it or not, some or most of those reviews are not real or legit.

Business Reviews Legit?

I’ve heard that if a business stops payment then the website removes and don’t show the good reviews. The websites only show the poor reviews, this is not cool at all. That is why I don’t use most of them websites, because their are tricky and not fair to the public.

You see this page, I am expressing a feeling, sharing my thoughts and ideas. You will get to do that freely on this new website. It will be a cool and super nice website for all of us. A protected and secured website just for your feelings and thoughts, a place where you will get to leave good or bad reviews.

Great Huh?

Well there was two different topics here, sorry I just wrote what my mind thought right now.

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