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Create WordPress Website – How can you create a WordPress website on a CPanel? Set up a website using the free WordPress Platform. It is very easy and simple when creating and setting up a WordPress site. I will post images throughout my Create WordPress Website post here on my site. If you encounter any issues, we can help you set it up and even create your entire website. Maybe you don’t have the time to create? I will show you with images and videos on how to Create WordPress Website.

First you will need to register a domain name and choose a web hosting account. Once you have registered for a unique domain name and set up your web hosting account; then we can go ahead and install the WordPress platform using the domain name. I will show you the full process in this post. A WordPress website is one of the best free platform you can use. It is very easy to use and just the best option. Here at cloudxwebhosting, you own your website. You are the only owner and you can do basically anything you want. Except adult content or any other illegal activities of course.

Create Web Hosting Account

First you will need to go ahead to our web hosting section to see if your domain name is available.

Create WordPress Website

domain name registrations

Well I have found a good name for a new dating website I will create. Sometimes is very difficult and time consuming finding a great unique name. It is because usually most good names are taken, you will need to use your imagination and brainstorming. Remember that your new domain name should match somehow with your product. If you are selling apple in New York, maybe a name like applesny or something like it. Or put your name first and then apple, or your store name and include NY somewhere. This will help you with Google search when someone is looking for apple’s in NY. I hope you get it, if not we can help you pick a great name for your new website.

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Register a Domain Name

Try to create a .com name, this is the most favorable and famous domain name till now. So yeah I went to register the domain name and it automatically will link it to your site. You sign up and create an account and can purchase as many domain names you want. You can create website’s or can have the parked there and re-sale them. You do what is best for you when you register your domain names. One website can become very successful or just an idea that you might have.

We are able to create a match making website for you, just contact us and we can give you a fast quick quote. Once you purchase a domain name on your account, it becomes active on your web hosting account, you just need to configure and create a website.

Well, now that domain name is good and fully activated. Now it needs to propagate. I give it a couple of hours. Some web hosting companies will take up to 24 hours. I have seen that my cloud web hosting is a whole lot faster. Here we just wait some minutes or a couple of hours and ready! I will post images and videos on this post to just show you the process.

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WordPress Process Setting Up

Now we just wait to propagate, once is ready you will be able to go inside your CPanel and install WordPress site. This website has SSL certificate installed so just to give it a secured option. All the website’s customers & visitor’s will feel secured and happy using this site. It is a good and very important option to install a SSL certificate on your site. It helps you with Google ranking and also each secured credit card transaction will be secured. Without the SSL you lose credibility so please think about installing and adding a SSL certificate to your site. If for some reason you forgot to include, you can still purchase it and install it yourself; if not we can install for a flat fee.

Sometimes when you have seen this message on Google, you will refresh just to check the status. The caching of the browser needs to be erased. Go to your history of the browser and erased everything. If you refresh and haven’t deleted the history; then you will still see that same error message. I just went to Internet Explorer and after 5 minites; my site is ready. I can now install the WordPress platform.

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WordPress Install Continues

As you can see on that image, we also have a LightSpeed Web Server, the name say’s it all! Go ahead to your CPanel and start installing the WordPress platform. Create WordPress Website with us today. You can follow this post to get it done yourself!

Go ahead and access your web hosting panel.

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Then you will have to navigate to your WordPress Icon Installer.

WordPress Platform

Install WordPress

Click the WordPress icon. Pick https:// only if you have a SSL Certificate installed on your web hosting account. http:// install if you don’t have the SSL Certificate. Use the domain name that you want to use. In directory leave it black. Only if you are planning to install on a directory do write the location file there. Write the site name of the site and sub title for it. Click multi-site only if you are planning to create sub domain sites. Your admin ID and Password, choose and pick a strong password.

Easy WordPress Install

how setup WordPress

Easy as 1,2,3

Now let’s continue filling up the form. Language for me would be English. Limit login is a plugin that will detect IP bad logins. It will lock IP for a time period just to protect your site. I use something else instead so I leave it blank. If you are new to this, then go ahead and click. Classic editor is the old editor, try to learn the new Gutenberg so leave this blank.

Advanced Options will give you choices of automatic updates for the plugins and theme’s. I check all of them to do it automatically cause is best! This way you do less and your site stays up to date. You can select a theme there but I just leave it how it is. I use the default and replace with my custom design and theme. Type in your email and click install. If all was done correctly you will see a success links. A link to your admin control panel and website homepage link.


Create website WordPress

Install a WordPress site

Please watch the video below to see it live. I hope you learned something today, if not hit me up to get your website started! Go ahead and create your website with us, view all of our product’s. Navigate throughout our links and see what you can find there.