Domain Name Registrations

Domain Name Registrations on our website for a good low price. Register your new domain name with us. You will save lots of money on the long run. I know some other companies are offering free or very low priced domain names when you first register. This is good and looks too good to be true. Why do they do this? what is the trick in this? I know on the first year you will save some money. But, on the long run you will spend more. These companies will make their costs go higher when renewals are due.

Yes the domain renewal will cost you 1.5 in higher costs. This means that every year you will pay a lot more. For example: our domain name is about $14 when you create and will stay at the same price every year; including renewals. This way you will save a lot more money! With other companies you will spend $1 for the first year, renewal you will spend every time about $18 or even more. You do the math here, add every renewal with the prices. You actually are not getting a deal there, you are actually paying a whole lot more compared to us. We are the one’s giving you the deal with straight up prices. There are many hidden prices out there; that you will never know.

Honest Services

We here at Cloudxwebhosting are very truthful and also doing our best to help you. Honest and transparent when it comes to giving you the best low prices. Saving money is the best option you can choose today. The prices and rates depends on the extension of the domain name. There are extensions that are a lot more costly than others. Domain Name Registrations are very good low priced on our site. You need to educate yourself on what kind of domain name you need most. Why or how is it important relating to your business.

What is the best domain extension you can choose? .com is the number one right now, these extension is the most famous and preferred around the globe. If you need any help choosing the right domain name; please contact us today. Your unique domain name needs to be available first. The name should in some way relate to your business genre. If you have a baseball card selling store in NY. The domain name should be something like baseballcardsny with the extension at the end. Or apples for sale in NY and your store is Macy’s. Then it should be NYMacys or applesmacysny something that is relating to your business name and location.


This would help your business in the search engines. You can save a lot of money with us, Domain Name Registrations. We provide many other different services including website development and design, web hosting and graphic design. Let us know if you need our services at the best low price. Contact Us today if you need any help. I also want to share a great website where you can advertise your business free. This will help your web presence even more.

Domain Name Registrations