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SEO Dublin Pennsylvania – Today I did not wanted to write but I feel that I need to share on our great SEO services. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and this is how people find your site online. Google and Bing are the largest search engines on the entire Untied States. USA basically uses more Google than any other search engine. Do you know how Google and Bing makes most of their money? Google ads network, adwords and Bing ads Networks.

For example, if you own a business and own a website then you can create ads on adwords. You can open a business account and start creating ads with keywords. Keywords are used as a bidding system. You create live ads with descriptions and relevant keywords that you create for you business. Owning a glass company is an example I would use. You have a Glass company in Fairfax Virginia and provide services to Maryland, VA and DC.


You would use keyword like Fairfax VA Glass, Glass Company, Local Glass Companies, Door Glass Repairs, Glass Installation Services, Custom Glass, etc. I hope you get the point. Then you go and you start bidding on keywords. You may also spend a daily amount like $35 a day or even $300 a day. The most you spend then the most chances you get so people can find you.

The adwords or bing starts working as soon that your ad campaigns are approved. You spend money and you get quick results! You get same day results. We are able to get all your ad clicks working and get clicks the same day, but we don’t have control if people call you. There is not control what the person who clicked is doing. We see the clicks but we don’t know if they will do buy or contact you.

Ad Networks

I know this is about SEO but this adwords is part of SEO I think. I have seen that even myself have spent $100 and didn’t make a sale. Then I spend $5 and did made a sale. With $5 it made and converted to about $500. Yes, you are able to make with $2 maybe a whopping $600.00 if you are lucky that day. Also you waste and spend $100 and not even one sale. This is how it works I guess, there is no guarantee. I feel like you are playing a small lottery with this. You win and you lose!

It is very important that you work on your SEO on your website. I would say that I would rather work on my SEO for the site just because is free. Well, this is just my opinion of how I have seen things here on the web. You need to have a great website in order to have a good SEO web experience. There are lot of work to be done if you want to have a great website with Goggle Ranking. Hard work and also a budget for this. This is one of the best investment you could ever make! Invest on your website SEO so later on you can save money with advertising. Here at CloudXWebhosting we can help you with SEO, Graphic Design, Websites and a powerful Cloud Web Hosting service.

For example, this page is optimized with SEO to appear and crawled at SEO Dublin Pennsylvania. Yes people in PA will find this page when they are looking for SEO Dublin Pennsylvania. Why did I write this page about SEO Dublin Pennsylvania?

Customers Calling

I am creating this page because an hour ago, there was this future customer who contacted me about the SEO services. Yes she found my site at Dublin Pennsylvania with her online website business that she needs help. She needs help advertising her site and people finding her business. It is real cool because she also told me she found my site on the first page on Google and even 4 of my links. That actually makes me feel good that I can reach her all the way from VA and NY.

Yes, our services are in NY and VA, 2 locations so we can help more people. I know how to create good SEO for your site, I can give you recommendations, fix and repair your site. We need to work hard at it, yes WE! Please contact me today if you are having a rough time with SEO, Advertising and Marketing and spending lots of money at Google and Bing or any ads platform.

If you have landed here on my page and website; then that means that I do a really good job to reach you. Wouldn’t you like to learn more? Learn website design, SEO, Graphic Design and even more? I am able to help you, inquire about it. I also want to give this lady who called me a little recognition about her website and business services. She does offer tutoring services in PA and I think is a great service for all kids.

Credits and Thank You

Kids today need to be spending more time on the books and tutoring. Instead they spend most of their time on video games?  I love helping people whenever I can, sometimes even for free, I decided to write this page because she called me all the way from Dublin PA. She sounded very nice and gave me some compliments so is very nice to hear good people once a while. Go ahead and check out my web hosting services and just switch to us. We are able to help you with everything here.

So the bottom line is; spend more money on your SEO and just hard work at it. On the long rung there will be a ton of money savings for you!