Website security SSL certificates, how secured is your website? Whether a HTML or a WordPress website or any other type of site? Think about it for a minute; how safe is your site? Have you lost a website before? maybe it got hacked and you couldn’t get it back, that is very bad for business. Your time and hard work down the drain! What about if you are making a profit with that site? I know you need to protect that site with whatever possible.

Here at cloudxwebhosting we help you secure and protect your site completely. You must also be making weekly or monthly back ups of the entire site. File folders and database files needs to be downloaded and protected. You must have some type of back ups to your home computer or external hard drives. I know how one feels when a website or even files get corrupted; very devastated and a lot of stress. Just contact us today if you need some help on creating back ups of your entire website or even computer files. We are able to work with you remotely and even teach you how to do it. We do have some fee’s for any type of service we provide, very affordable and the best quality services.

Remote online computer repairs and back up services

We work with Windows computers, system files and folders. Work with database system files, web page files, protecting your entire site. Sometimes you will have to pay online for third party software to get this system protection. Either way you are investing on something good here, we help you from start to finish. Just contact us today for an evaluation and some quotes, your website will thank you on the long run.

You need to protect your web page files permission and protect all forms on website. You will also need a SSL certificate on your site, this way your visitor’s are able to make purchases on your site and feel secured/safe. SSL certificates are very important because Google will also rank you higher on search engines. We help you with installing or resolving issues with SSL Certificates.

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I want to share our sign website section here, please visit and if you ever need a sign designed and printed please check us out. We are located in Fredericksburg VA 22408.