WordPress Embed Videos

WordPress Embed Videos – learn how to create a page or post and embed a video on it. You first will need a responsive professional website to start your embedding videos. It is a great tool for marketing and advertising purpose. Please let us know if you need your professional website built today.

First you will need a powerful cloud web hosting service. You may get it here today at the lowest prices and just save lots of money. You will save big $$$ on the long run. Please go ahead to our cloud web hosting and pick your plan.

Embedding Videos

How to embed a video using a WordPress website? You first need to upload your video on a third party website like YouTube. There they have a embed code or just the URL code. Copy this code and go ahead and create a new page or post. You will need to use the text version of WordPress page option. Just copy and paste your code and you are all set.

There on that same page you can make the screen larger or start the video playing automatically. Please watch my video here to learn how to do it visually. It is super very easy to do! This will help your video get found and will help you with advertising and promoting your service and products. This page has that same code and video on it so you can watch it.

WordPress Websites

WordPress Embed Videos on your posts and pages cannot get any easier than this. Explained and on the video so you know how to do it. Let us know if you need any advertising and marketing services, website design, e-Commerce websites, Domain Name Registrations, Website Design or any graphic services. Am here to help you with all your digital projects! Let’s make it a reality.

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