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WordPress Website Security – It is very important that you take all the necessary steps to secure your entire website. Invest some money and time on getting your website secured from all kinds of attackers. There are many hackers and spammers out there just waiting to find a back door to your website. I’ve seen that attacker’s these days aim at a WordPress website with unlimited attacks. Owning a website can be very challenging and I know that it costs money and time. It is very time consuming having that great website built. Let us help build you the great website. Please visit our web hosting section to see all our web design services plus cloud web hosting.

Everyday I get WordPress attacks on our website’s, but we have implemented a security protocol for each and every website we build. We never build a website without the security protocol’s! We also create a 2 step authentication for every single website. This means even if they break your password and ID they still will not get in. Because they will need to apply a 2nd authentication that is with your phone or email integrated. You need a security application to stop unwanted hack attacks plus block IP and firewall. WordPress Website Adding Security to all your site services.

2 step authentication WordPress

Then I will recommend a 2 step authentication method; this way you have 2 unique system’s that will protect your site. Always use unique passwords and username. Something with many different special characters so the hacker can’t guess your credentials. The hackers will need to guess real hard on it, never use admin username because that is what WordPress comes with. Many hackers thick that admin is the username and they will try it badly. Always put on your system to ban IP address immediately who tries admin on the login form.

It is real good security measures to restrict file folders or files from intruders plus remove writing options to very important files like your .htaccess files. Move files to different renamed filing systems so the spammers and hackers have a real hard time. Make daily back ups of your entire website plus database back ups. These way you have a plan of restoration if your website becomes corrupted and damaged. WordPress Website Adding Security is the best option you could have.

Website Back Up & Security

There are many different things you need to do in order to keep your website backed up and secured. We at cloudxwebhosting.com can help you with all your website needs, domain name registrations and cloud powerful web hosting services. Can also help you with securing your site, backing it up and restoring repair and fix if one day it becomes infected.

Last week someone changed me admin password on one of the website’s that I managed, I got a notification that it was changed. I was not the one who changed it, so I immediately went to the website and did a forgot password on the login page. Not sure how that person did it; but he/she was about to make my site taken over and damage it. I know in order to change the password you need to verify it with your personal email right? But it did got changed, so this means someone went inside and changed it. Implement on WordPress Website Adding Security to your site today.

Restore websites unique security protocols

I went to my personal email and change that password too, just in case for vulnerabilities, I chose a strong hard to guess password. I logged in on my personal email and confirmed the password change and created a new password.  I logged in on my WordPress site and I was happy! I went ahead and install a 2 step auth. system on it. Made it more secure, this way they will have to break that 2 step auth. system too. Activated and went ahead seen my security program and made some tweaking there.

I did this in time because the website is good in health and status. I did all this in less than 5 minutes so I didn’t give them time to snoop around and get my website damaged. The website is still up and running live on the web. This is what I mean, you need to protect your site’s. Did you ever wonder if WordPress Website Adding Security is important to your website?

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