WordPress Websites Plugins Install, what is a plugin? How can you install them and make them work

WordPress Websites Plugins Install on your existing or new website. The best type of websites these day is a WordPress website. It has everything possible to create a e-Commerce or a plain normal site. Install SSL certificate to the website and you will be doing a lot of good to your site. SSL helps with higher ranking to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. If you need a SSL certificate installed; please let us know. Your site needs a SSL certificate if you need to create an online shopping store, this will help you with securing client’s transactions. A credit card should always be protected online so all your clients feel happy and secured.

A plugin can be free or paid for online, it is a set of files that creates a small script to do something in your website. Let’s say you want to install a program that takes payment online, like a merchant credit card transaction. If you create a website with HTML or any other program you will need to create the programming and script so your website accepts credit cards. This would take a lot of time and hard work to create. If you go to a search engine and just type in “Credit card payments plugins WordPress” this will get you to a plugin already built and ready for you to use. Just get it free or pay for it and install it in your WordPress website. There are many free plugins online that you can use, they mostly have and advanced option or pro that needs to be purchased; if you need more options on it.

A plugin is very easy to upload or just install in your WordPress admin control panel. Just navigate the plugin menu on the left side of your website and click add new. You may also search for plugins by clicking the plugins menu link. WordPress Websites Plugins Install, a very easy platform so your website works without any issues. If you need any help regarding plugin installation or repairs please contact us today.

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