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Web Hosting Designs How Does It Work? SEO Services and Advertising Services

Web Hosting Designs, advertising, domain name registrations, graphic designers, SEO Search Engine Optimization Services, Signs and much more. Let us know what you need regarding any digital work performed and we shall help you.

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Web Hosting
Why Do You Need A Web Hosting Account? Very simple, it is to put all your website file documents into a folder and display your website live on the web. This works as renting or buying space for a limited time to have your website live on the web. It works just as a hard drive that is on a server and displays all your public pages on the web. You are able to create your website from scratch here, you may use HTML, PHP or any free platform to install on your file root document server.
CPanel Account
Once you purchase a web hosting account with us; you will be able to access a CPanel admin account where you will have full control on your website. There you can build your website, you may hire your own webmaster or you can hire us to build your new site. Full configurations to your site, you can edit and configure your website as you like.
Domain Name
You will need to own a domain name in order to create your new site. You may purchase it here with us or own it somewhere else. All we have to do is change the DNS server credentials and it will connect to any web server. Changing the nameserver is a very good option just in case you want to have your domain name with another company and web hosting on another web hosting company. They are able to connect them together. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
Website Design
After you have registered and purchased a web hosting, domain name then you are ready to install or start on your website design. Usually people these days are using WordPress. WordPress is one of my favorite tools to start a website, very SEO friendly and easy to setup and install. HTML is also available but I don't recommend it. You have database that you can use on all of our web hosting services. PHP is also configurable and don't forget to add SSL to your website. It is very important that your site has SSL and very responsive and fast to load up. Here at cloudxwebhosting can help you from stat to finish on building your next new website.
Graphics and Web
A webmaster works with a graphic designer to create the best nice professional website. Graphic design is used to create the design and connect both together to make one. PHP programming and HTML and graphics are used to make the best website for you. You may use your web hosting account with your own webmasters and graphic designers; if you need help please let us know, we are here to help!
Website Advertising and Marketing
After all these steps please take into consideration to secure your entire website. Database back ups too; then you have to work on advertising your site. You just don't build a website and leave it how it is. NOOOO, that is a big NO NO. We have to work hard on SEO Search Engine Optimization and paid / free advertising. Also have to work on local profile listings. Backlinks have to be created, social profiles, website exposure and presence, paid and free, organic search engine optimization. We are able to help you with our monthly plan and a ongoing advertising services. Don't ever just build a website and think that it will go to the top or get found online without any work, it doesn't work like that.

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