Windows 10 0x000021a error code

Windows 10 0x000021a error code how to fix or maybe reset your whole computer? I have had Windows 7 Professional for about 5-6 years on my computer. About a month ago I got a notice that Windows 7 will no longer receive updates. What a bummer? This means that I had to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. I had to do the upgrade about a week ago and the upgrade installation was very smooth and perfect. It took about 2 hours for the transition to occur. Was so happy that I upgraded right from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I got to save all my files and settings. I didn’t put in a Windows license code or anything, it automatically upgraded with a new code. I think it detected the Windows 7 Key, I was very happy.

Yesterday I was here writing on my website, creating a new post page and suddenly my computer just shut down. I was oh my god! I was writing and I didn’t save my work while writing. You know how hard is to sit here and just write away? Wait, let me save this just in case. Good thing that it just saved and published the page with out any issues. It is very important to own a super fast computer so you can work fast and be very reliable and not to freeze while you work.

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Here at We also build custom work or home computers. Gaming or just personal fast computers on sale. If you need a custom built computer please contact us today. We only build Windows computers custom built for you. Ok, let’s get back to Windows 10 0x000021a error code. The computer rebooted and It showed the blue screen of death. Had never seen or experienced this error before. I watched some videos on YouTube to see if anyone out there had this experience and maybe a quick fix? I found some videos and di everything as instructed and nothing worked.

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Wasted maybe 2-3 hours trying to fix it but was not successful. I tried everything they said on YouTube and also my experience and nothing fixed it. I am shocked that my license key had to go there with this bad computer. My computer is super fast and i7 processor so yes it is too fast. I also didn’t have any important files there, I always use slave hard drives to store all my precious files, videos and images so I don’t ever lose anything. A advise to you is; always save your files on a slave drives or external drives. This way if your computer ever goes bad you can do a reset and a clean install. You won’t have to worry about ever losing your files this way, also always have two back ups just in case your only one drive gets corrupted.

Windows 10 0x000021a error code was not a good one for me, because my last decision was to erase or format the drive and do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. This is what I did and in less than two hours I have my restored Windows 10 computer up and running. The computer is running fine again and here I am using it today again to write this post. If you need any help on fixing and repairing computers please contact us today. We help you in person in VA DC MD or remotely anywhere in the world.

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My computer is kind of expensive and I had it for over 5 years now. It is a custom built computer by myself. I did assembled all parts on it; It was about $1k to purchase all new parts when I first built it. I really don’t like old and slow computers, they just don’t work the same, I have saved many $$$ just by being a computer IT Tech myself. I am also happy that I know how to repair and fix computers and build.

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